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Tuesday, May 24 2016

Functional Curriculum


Definition of Functional Skills Curriculum

The Academy of St. Louis focuses on both Functional and Academic education.
Functional Curriculum is a process where experiences and activities are selected
for each student to gain the skills he/she will need to become as competent as
possible in a regular environment as an adult. The process changes as the needs
of the student being taught change. This becomes more essential as the student
gets closer to graduation, but it is an approach to instruction that should begin in
elementary grades. It is a curriculum in which the student learns functional skills
in the most appropriate setting for specific skill acquisition and focuses on
present and future needs.

Functional Curriculum: Areas of Development

The areas applied to the Functional Curriculum are based upon the student’s level of competency and is
designed to increase the below areas of function.

Consumer Skills
Social Studies

Social Skills

Example of Functional Curriculum in the areas of: Math, Writing and Social Skills

*It should be noted as each student is developing at different functional levels. Functional curriculum is adjusted

1. Math:

Addition Facts – double digits – carrying & borrowing
Calculator II
Time elapsed – how long
Money – making change counting bills
List of Expenses – for needs
Monthly calendar – appointment book
Doubling a recipe – measuring a recipe
Graphs – basic bar graph

2. Writing:

Write a letter, e-mail, and phone
Communicating with parents
Emergency list – doctors and family
Birthday list and calendar

3. Social Skills

Team work
Self advocacy
Recognizing traditions and holidays of other cultures.

4. Consumer Skills

Cooking – microwave, approved appliances – toaster, crockpot, coffee pot
Clean – Kitchen and bathroom – safety food and germs
Clothing – appropriate socially - dressing for events, work, etc.
Personal safety – internet, police dept., fire dept., night safety
and road safety

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